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The Alberta Craft Beer guide stemmed from a passion of growing the local beer community

Andrew WE do this by educating the interested and entertaining the entrenched.


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The Story;

Andrew, one of the people behind the Alberta Craft Beer guide, has a background in sales, marketing, and advertising. After 10 years, he took a break and was quickly swept into the burgeoning beer scene. In 2016, he decided that his skill set matched the need perfectly. After getting referrals to a designer and a printer in West Edmonton that have been family owned for 100+ years, the Alberta Craft Beer guide started to take shape.

He sold ads to cover the cost of the 1st issue and launched it during the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous annual Real ale fest in September of 2016. 4years later the guide continues to teach and inspire and create more awareness and conversations around beer, their breweries, and the local businesses that advertise and distribute the guide.


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