Jan 7

Naked Chicks - National- Why?


Hello beer geeks. In honor of the newer issue which highlights bad ass women in the industry and bc this is annoying me, here goes:

ok, ...anyone know why National (the one next to the highschool) feels the need to decorate their walls and private back room with just "art" of naked women? Now, I'm going to be very upfront and say that this does come on the heels of some idiot grabbing at me for like over an hour at the last place of work I had in the "beer industry" and yes I did end up loosing that job, so while on most days I'd just probably roll my eyes and NOT write this: today, is not that day. And I feel most ppl don't really want to talk about it - mostly bc I did ask the manager at the time and he just sort of shrugged. Also bc there's no way anyone missed it. Its glaringly obvious.


I've been to plenty of breweries that are warm cozy spaces (next door for instance) with fun themes and decor. And then...THAT. Hell I've come up with more then enough business ideas of fun breweries myself. And well two questions: 1. do you guys think its ok to have a back meeting room FULL of naked chicks (got lost on my way to the bathroom - BAM, there it is!), 2. in terms of personal accountability, assuming we all agree drunk ppl can do dumb shit - who's task is it to make sure the random groping stops? there's no bouncers fyi. And I need a female input here: have you ever gotten your supervisor thrown out by bouncers and it NOT result in getting fired somehow? Whether directly or indirectly. Bc I gotta admit, if YES, then yeah I need to grow a bigger pair. >:) Cheers!

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  • Also, other thing that came up since I started looking into craft beer: who's responsibility is it to make sure that if you're teaching a beer tasting class, most of them are not drunk by the end? We've all taken the "Serves" I'm assuming. If I take a beer tasting class and the prof is getting most of them drunk bc he is incapable of pacing the class properly...who's responsibility is that? In a like official college context. I'm inclined to say the profs. Or at least 50-50. Why? Bc everyone is trying to just get a career started and enough of them are actually trying to convert their mild alcoholism INTO a career and if no one is there to ensure the right tone ...well drunk ppl do stupid shit, and ppl are gonna get hurt. And girls are gonna get hit on a little too much and someone will probably end up with a DUI or wrapped around a post. I think this is a topic we need to get on board for when dealing with an industry that has a DUI aspect to it. And bc I generally really like going to breweries and nothing puts a crimp in the mood worse then some idiot getting totally wasted in a corner. Its just not a good experience. I'm there for the local food and awesome beer and fun stories, not to watch where I step to avoid the vomit outside (yea, that happens and it sucks.)
  • I absolutely love this mag. Is there anyway I can get some back issues? I am missing volume 1 winter issue and the most recent autumn issue. Thanks
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