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Canadian Beer awards winners 2021

(And some banter along the way!)

Hello, my name is Andrew & I am 1 of the people behind the Alberta Craft Beer Guide. Not only do I love beer and the industry in Alberta but I love it everywhere I go, especially across Canada.

Below are the winners of the Canadian Brewing Awards for 2021. Not all of the breweries in Canada enter the awards because it does take time & money to enter products. And although these awards are judged by experts in a blind format (no knowledge of the brand or producer) the results are exactly that. If the same judges were to judge the same beer but on a different day there would absolutely be difference. What I will point out (with some notes throughout) are the beer that consistently earn medals in these awards.

After that I have a list of total medals earned per province plus the breweries who came runner up to the "Brewery of the Year."

What should you do with this list?

Go support these local breweries and try their beer.

Maybe pick your favourite style, some awards winners and some of your local favourites, and put your own tongue to the test. It's a great way to learn and its a great way to consume beer.


European Style Lager (Pilsner)

BRONZE: Medusa Lager | Batch 44 Brewery | British Columbia

SILVER: Simple Things | Steel & Oak Brewery | British Columbia

GOLD: Kinabik Pilsner | Snake Lake Brewing Company | Alberta

Kinabik Pilsner has won back to back gold (2020 & 2021)

European Style Amber to Dark Lager

BRONZE: Meridian Black Lager | Township 24 Brewing | Alberta

SILVER: Freestyle Hasta La Vista Schwarzbier | The Collingwood Brewery | Ontario

GOLD: RiverFest | Bow River Brewing | Alberta

Bock - Traditional German Style

BRONZE: Dissimulator | Twin City Brewing Company | British Columbia

SILVER: Doppelbock | Stonehooker Brewing Company | Ontario

GOLD: Road Block Doppelbock | Walkerville Brewery | Ontario


BRONZE: Starke | Amsterdam Brewing Company | Ontario

SILVER: Sherbiere | Siboire | Quebec

GOLD: POTTS PILS | Moon Under Water Brewery | British Columbia

Potts Pils won a bronze last year, this year gold.

German Style Kolsch

BRONZE: Mineur | Microbrasserie Mouline 7 Inc. | Quebec

SILVER: High Country Kolsch | Mt. Begbie Brewing Company | British Columbia

GOLD: Kolsch | Biererie Shelton | Quebec

Wheat Beer - Belgian Style (Wit)

BRONZE: Uapishka | Microbrasserie Saint-Pancrace | Québec

SILVER: Farmer's Tan Belgian White | Brewsters Brewing Company | Alberta

GOLD: Jongleur | Strange Fellows Brewing | British Columbia

Farmer's Tan won silver in this category last year.

Jongeur won gold in this category last year.

Wheat Beer - German Style (Weiss)

BRONZE: Horseshoe Hefeweizen | Trans Canada Brewing | Manitoba

SILVER: Fahr Hefe | Brauerei Fahr | Alberta

GOLD: Haberdasher Hefeweizen | Muddy York Brewing Co. | Ontario

Fahr Hefe won bronze last year, this year silver.

Baltic Porter

BRONZE: Baltic Porter | Grimross Brewing Co. | New Brunswick

SILVER: Voyage Voyage | Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs | Quebec

GOLD: Caibosh | Royal City Brewing Co. | Ontario

Belgian-Style Dubbel or Quadrupel

BRONZE: Precursor Belgian Dubbel | Luppolo Brewing Company | British Columbia

SILVER: X | Cabin Brewing Company | Alberta

GOLD: Nuit d'automne | Frampton Brasse | Quebec

Belgian-Style Tripel

BRONZE: Tripel | Modern Brewer's Village Green | Prince Edward Island

SILVER: Antwerpen | Dageraad Brewing | British Columbia

GOLD: Shacklands Tripel | Shacklands Brewing | Ontario

Belgian-Style Abbey Ale / Pale Ale

BRONZE: Belgian Pale Ale | Howe Sound Brewing | Ontario

SILVER: Burnabarian | Dageraad Brewing | British Columbia

GOLD: Bees! Belgian Blonde ale with Honey | Dog Mountain Brewing | British Columbia

Burnabarian has a decorated history with the Canadian Brewing Awards. It was first bottled in 2015 but not in time to be entered. A quote from the owner of Dageraad, Ben Coli;

2016 Gold

2017 Silver

2018 Gold

2019 the judges were drunk

2020 Bronze

Belgian-Style Strong Ale ( Pale / Dark / Specialty )

BRONZE: Old Ale X | La Brasserie Nonsuch Brewing Co | Manitoba

SILVER: Goldilocks | Strange Fellows Brewing | British Columbia

GOLD: Ides of December 2019: Wish Book | Henderson Brewing | Ontario

French and Belgian Style Saison

BRONZE: Cheval D'or | Grimross Brewing Co. | New Brunswick

SILVER: La petite duchesse | Little Beasts Brewing Company | Ontario

GOLD: Bord du Lac | Amsterdam Brewing Company | Ontario

La Petite Duchesse won silver back to back.

Belgian-Style Brett Beer

BRONZE: Songe d'une Prairie Sauvage | Blind Enthusiasm | Alberta

SILVER: Scarecrow | 21st Street Brewery | Saskatchewan

GOLD: Funkmorphosis | The Establishment Brewing Company | Alberta

German-Style Sour Ale ( Berliner-Style Weisse or Gose )

BRONZE: Smoked Salt Gose | Parallel 49 Brewing | British Columbia

SILVER: Sou'Wester | Rough Waters Brewing Company | Newfoundland

GOLD: Guava Gose | Collective Arts Brewing | Ontario

Belgian-Style Sour Ale ( Flanders Red Ale , Oud Bruin , Lambic / Gueuze , Fruit Lambic )

BRONZE: Rouge des Appalaches | Frampton Brasse | Quebec

SILVER: 10-4-20 | Indie Alehouse | Ontario

GOLD: Cherry Lambic | Rebellion Brewing Co | Saskatchewan


BRONZE: Quinquennial Robust Porter | Henderson Brewing Co | Ontario

SILVER: Chocolate Maple Porter | Canmore Brewing Company | Alberta

GOLD: Black Donald | Calabogie Brewing Company | Ontario

Brown Ale

BRONZE: Barkeep Brown | Trans Canada Brewing | Manitoba

SILVER: Woodnutt Brown Ale | Coast Mountain Brewing | British Columbia

GOLD: Georgetown Brown | Canmore Brewing Company | Alberta

Woodnutt Brown Ale won bronze last year, silver this year.

Scotch Ale

BRONZE: 24-2 Stock Ale | Blindman Brewing | Alberta

SILVER: Andys Wee Heavy | Common Crown Brewing Co. | Alberta

GOLD: Brave Liver | Mt. Begbie Brewing Company | British Columbia

Andys Wee Heavy won gold last year, silver this year.

English Style Pale Ale

BRONZE: Cream Ale | Muskoka Brewery | Ontario

SILVER: Sam McGuire's Pale Ale | Shushap Lake Brewing | British Columbia

GOLD: Riviere du Nord | Shawbridge - Microbrasserie et Charcuteries Inc. | Quebec

English Bitters - Ordinary or Special Bitters / Best Bitter or ESB

BRONZE: Pointe-Aux-Basques | Microbrasserie La Compagnie | Quebec

SILVER: Common Ale | Common Crown Brewing Co. | Alberta

GOLD: Wagon Rouge | Microbrasserie La Compagnie | Quebec

Microbrasserie La Compagnie won gold & bronze. Only 1 other brewery won 2 medals in the same category this year.

Sweet Stout or Cream Stout

BRONZE: Brown Cow Nitro Milk Stout | Calabogie Brewing Company | Ontario

SILVER: Dega Moo! | Garrison Brewing Company | Nova Scotia

GOLD: Sea Change Turbo Stout | Sea Change Brewing Co. | Alberta

Oatmeal Stout

BRONZE: Ken's Stout | Copper Bottom Brewing | Prince Edward Island

SILVER: Gentleman's Stout | Medicine Hat Brewing Company | Alberta

GOLD: Unholdy One Nitro Stout | East Vancouver Brewing Company | British Columbia

Gentleman's stout was the gold winner last year, this year silver.

Dry Stout

BRONZE: Vimy Stout | Vimy Brewing Company | Ontario

SILVER: Reena O'Reilly Dry Irish Stout | Sooke Oceanside Brewery | British Columbia

GOLD: It's a Stout | Kensington Brewing Company | Ontario

Imperial Stout

BRONZE: Russian Imperial Stout | Quidi Vidi Brewery | Newfoundland

SILVER: Liquid Lullaby Imperial Stout | Town Square Brewing | Alberta

GOLD: Stout Imperial | Biererie Shelton | Quebec

Liquid Lullaby was gold last year, this year silver.

English Style India Pale Ale

BRONZE: Waterloo IPA | Waterloo Brewing | Ontario

SILVER: Orion 1-1 Poppy Seed IPA | Smugglers Trail Caskworks | British Columbia

GOLD: Geronimo IPA | Walkerville Brewery | Ontario

Geronimo IPA was silver last year, this year is earned the gold.

North American Style Lager

BRONZE: Canoe Brewpub Helles | Canoe Brewpub | British Columbia

SILVER: True North Lager | Brewhall Beer Co. | British Columbia

GOLD: Shake Lager | Equals Brewing Company Inc. | Ontario

North American Style Premium Lager

BRONZE: Helles Lager | Wellington Brewery | Ontario

SILVER: Brewers Blackbird Premium Lager | Brewers Blackbird Kitchen & Brewery | Ontario

GOLD: Deep Cove Lager | Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers | Ontario

North American Style Amber Lager

BRONZE: Eternal Twilight | Ol' Beautiful Brewing Co | Alberta

SILVER: Prairie Common | La Brasserie Nonsuch Brewing Co | Manitoba

GOLD: Senor Citizen | Citizen Brewing Company | Alberta

Light (Calorie-Reduced) Lager

BRONZE: Lifelong Lite Lager | Neighbourhood Brewing Company | British Columbia

SILVER: Anne Bonny | Corsaire Microbrasserie | Quebec

GOLD: Yup! Light Lager | United Craft | Ontario

Cream Ale

BRONZE: Maritime Cream Ale | Grimross Brewing Co. | New Brunswick

SILVER: Three Fields | Elora Brewing Company | Ontario

GOLD: Retro Stylez - Pre-Prohibition Cream Ale | Analog Brewing | Alberta

North American Style - Amber / Red Ale

BRONZE: Havre St-Pierre - American Amber Ale | Four Rivers Brewing Co | New Brunswick

SILVER: Ruby Tears | Parallel 49 Brewing | British Columbia

GOLD: Idelback | Slackwater Brewing | British Columbia

North American Style - Blonde or Golden Ale

BRONZE: La Libertine | La Voie Maltée | Québec

SILVER: LaOuvriere | Microbrasserie La Compagnie| Québec

GOLD: Sea Change Blonde Ale | Sea Change Brewing Co. | Alberta

La Libertine was was silver last year, bronze this year.

American Style Black Ale

BRONZE: Release All The Hounds | Big Rig Brewery | Ontario

SILVER: Black Rock | Stack Brewing | Ontario

GOLD: Nightshade | Winterlong Brewing Co. | Yukon

Black Rock was gold last year, silver this year.

North American Style Pale Ale

BRONZE: Broad Reach Nor'Easter IPA | Stonehooker Brewing Company | Ontario

SILVER: Three Sisters Pale Ale | The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company | Alberta

GOLD: Broadside | Copper Bottom Brewing | Prince Edward Island

Wheat Beer - North American Style

BRONZE: Swedish Gymnast | Twin City Brewing Company | British Columbia

SILVER: Selkie | Rough Waters Brewing Company | Newfoundland

GOLD: Barram | Brasseux d'la Cote | New Brunswick

American Style India Pale Ale

BRONZE: Jet Fuel IPA | Ace Brewing Company | British Columbia

SILVER: Lazy D'Haze IPA | Powell Brewery | British Columbia

GOLD: Permanent Resident IPA | Five Roads Brewing | British Columbia

Jet Fuel IPA was sliver last year, this year bronze.

New England Style India Pale Ale

BRONZE: Circle Route Hazy Pale Ale | White Sails Brewing | British Columbia

SILVER: Galaxy IPA | Propeller Brewing Company | Nova Scotia

GOLD: Taste Buds | Stray Dog Brewing Company | Ontario

Session India Pale Ale

BRONZE: Carreta Session IPA | Andina Brewing Co | British Columbia

SILVER: Alpha Juicy Lager | Academy Brewing Company | British Columbia

GOLD: Jam Session | Microbrasserie Trois-Lacs | Quebec

American Style Imperial India Pale Ale

BRONZE: Zane Lost His Avocado Bag | Refined Fool Brewing Co | Ontario

SILVER: Missed Calls | Stockyards Brewing | Ontario

GOLD: Parkman Ave | Copper Bottom Brewing | Prince Edward Island

Parkman Ave won a silver in this category in 2020, gold this year.

American Belgo-Style Ale

BRONZE: Bootsy | House of Funk Brewing | British Columbia

SILVER: First Crush White IPA | Trolley 5 Brewpub | Alberta

GOLD: Lupulus | Microbrasserie Charlevoix | Quebec

Bootsy won silver in 2020, bronze this year.

American Style Brett Beer

BRONZE: Born to Run | The Establishment Brewing Company | Alberta

SILVER: Wild IPA No. 1 | Sawback Brewing Co. | Alberta

GOLD: Blood Cut Brett IPA | Low Life Barrel House | Manitoba

American Style Sour Ale

BRONZE: Apricot Mango Peach Sour | Rouge River Brewing Company | Ontario

SILVER: brunch. | Trial & Ale Brewing Company | Alberta

GOLD: An Equatorial Detour | Trial & Ale Brewing Company | Alberta

Alberta won all of these medals in 2020.

Special Honey / Maple Lager or Ale

BRONZE: Honey Comb Pale Ale | Barnside Brewing Co | British Columbia

SILVER: Vieux Champion | Ras L'Bock. | Quebec

GOLD: Hoppy Pollinator | Rebellion Brewing Co. | Saskatchewan

Fruit / Fruit Wheat / Field / Pumpkin Beer

BRONZE: Grapefruit Radler | Moosehead Breweries | New Brunswick

NB had last year w d'la Cote, this year bronze w Moosehead

SILVER: Ruby, My Dear | The Establishment Brewing Company | Alberta

GOLD: Beets | Town Square Brewing | Alberta

Alberta had bronze & silver last year, gold & silver this year.

Gluten Free Beer

BRONZE: Helix Sour Tropicale | Les Bieres de la Nouvelle France | Quebec

SILVER: Gluten-Free Porter | Port Rexton Brewing Company | Newfoundland

GOLD: Forager Pale Ale | Whistler Brewing Company | British Columbia

Glutenberg, which is known for having exceptional Gluten Free beer, had bronze & gold last year, this time year there were no medals won.

Whistler had a silver last year, with their gluten free lager. This year they earned gold with their pale ale.

Session Ale

BRONZE: English Mild | Whitewater Brewing Company | Ontario

SILVER: Public House Mild Porter | Snake Lake Brewing Company | Alberta

GOLD: Tiger Shark Pale Ale | Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. | British Columbia

Experimental Beer

BRONZE: Sorceress Sour Key Lime Kettle Sour | New Level Brewing | Alberta

SILVER: Boson de Higgs | Hopfenstark Brewery | Quebec

GOLD: Cabrusco | Burdock | Ontario

Herb and Spice Beer

BRONZE: Imperiale Choco-Piment Chipotle | Beauregard Brasserie Distillerie | Quebec

SILVER: Lune & Fuego | Cabin Brewing Company | Alberta

GOLD: Spruced up, Now What? | Kensington Brewing Company | Ontario

Smoked Beer

BRONZE: Prairie Fire Rauchbier | Town Square Brewing | Alberta

SILVER: Rafter R Rauchbier | Rafter R Brewing Co. | Saskatchewan

GOLD: Uncle Leo's Smoked Porter | Uncle Leo's Brewery | Nova Scotia

Prairie Fire earned gold in both 2019 & 2020 in this category. A bronze this year still means this is an incredibly well made and consistent beer.

Barley Wine-Style Ale - English Style / American Style

BRONZE: Giantess Barley Wine | Tatamagouche Brewing Company | Nova Scotia

SILVER: Barleywine | Sooke Brewing Co. | British Columbia

GOLD: Burning Boat | Indie Alehouse | Ontario

Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer - Pale to Amber / Dark

BRONZE: Ciel Degage | Avante-Garde artisans brasseurs | Quebec

SILVER: Pointe-Audubon | Microbrasserie Saint-Pancrace | Quebec

GOLD: Spring | Nickel Brook Brewing Co. | Ontario

Wood and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer

BRONZE: Citizen Cane Rum Barrel-aged Imperial Stout | Bomber Brewing | British Columbia

SILVER: Jukebox Black Metal | Avant-Garde artisans brasseurs | Quebec

GOLD: Stout Imperiale Russe Bourbon | Brasserie Vrooden | Quebec

Wood and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer

BRONZE: Waggle Dance | Small Pony Barrel Works | Ontario

SILVER: Tuku | Moon Under Water Brewery | British Columbia

GOLD: Erlton Street | The Establishment Brewing Company | Alberta

Flavoured Stout / Porter

BRONZE: Stroopwafel | Indie Alehouse | Ontario

SILVER: Ides of December 2020: Laura Secord's Brave Walk | Henderson Brewing Co | Ontario

GOLD: Amburana | Oshlag Brasserie & Distillerie | Quebec

Low Alcohol Beer

BRONZE: Aurora | Le BockAle | Quebec

SILVER: WoW Double dry hop Eldorado | Le Bazaar microbrasserie | Quebec

GOLD: Alyss | Le Bazaar microbrasserie | Quebec

Beer of the Year

Cherry Lambic | Rebellion Brewing Company | SK

Brewery of the Year 2021

The Establishment Brewing Company

For Brewery of the Year, points from medals are accumulated.

Gold = 5

Silver =3

Bronze = 1

Curious to see how the other breweries stacked up?

Establishment 14

Copper Bottom 11

Sea Change 10

Biererie Shelton 10

Rebellion 10

Kensington 10

Walkerville 10

Town Square 9

Indie Ale House 9

Henderson 9

Compagni 9

Snake Lake 8

Moon Underwater 8

Mt. Begbie 8

Strange Fellows 8

Canmore 8

Trial & Ale 8

Le Bazaar 8

Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs 7

Cabin 6

Dageraad 6

Rough Waters 6

Common Crown 6

Sooke 6

How much analysis can this Beer Guide pull from these awards?

As much as a damn well want it seems.

Overall, because it fascinates me, which province had the most medals?

Ontario 42

BC 37

Alberta 33

Quebec 28

New Brunswick 6

Manitoba 5

Nova Scotia 4

Saskatchewan 4


Newfoundland 4

Yukon 1

The 2022 Awards & conference will take place in Calgary, AB

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